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3D Aquarium Backgrounds


Authenticity of Aquadecor Backgrounds!

Frequently asked questions related to buying various products over the Internet i.e. without seeing a product live show that this way of shopping is usually associated with TV shopping where every product is attractively presented using photo montage so that it seems perfect until it is delivered to a buyer who is disappointed when they realize that the product they have bought is just a cheap pap. But it is too late, then.

What are 3D backgrounds made of?

The base for Aquadecor 3D aquarium backgrounds that you can see on this website is a special type of expanded polystyrene suitable for the use in wet environment. Polystyrene used for producing Aquadecor backgrounds is synthetic material equally resistant to water, acid, and alkali. Expanded polystyrene we use is light and dense so that it is very practical for transport as well as safe and easy application in aquariums. This material is under a ten-year warranty concerning its chemical properties, colour, and shape.

What is an aquarium background coated with?

Through a careful technological process, every Aquadecor background is coated with a completely neutral colour based on soft, elastic plastic which can be stretched up to 30% but that is also compact so that it can be washed from weed layers and other aquarium dirt. Plastic neutral coats used for covering previously prepared expended polystyrene have unlimited expiration time. They are transported to us in hermetically sealed packaging and are further kept under controlled conditions determined by the producer which is a guarantee that they will reach you with unchanged chemical composition and quality. There is a ten-year warranty for this aspect, too. It is guaranteed that the coats will not change the colour, peel off or, in any other way, lose their functional or esthetic quality. Please, watch the video about elasticity, hardness, and stability of colour which can be found in the special part of this website titled the showroom.

Tradition, unique design and quality

Aquadecor aquariums and backgrounds are created by the originator of the 3D aquarium backgrounds in our country. This is Mr Florian Kovac, an innovator, artist, specialist, and the main designer. Working hard and aiming at the highest possible quality, he has continuously been developing new techniques since 2004 in order to satisfy his own high standards and his customers' wishes without harming the safety of the natural environment which these backgrounds are intended for.
Aquadecor aquariums and backgrounds are created to resemble some of the most beautiful and rarest kinds of rocks, stones, and habitats that we can find in nature. Aquadecor, as the first and only producer of original backgrounds and aquariums of this type on the market, presents a series of unique backgrounds for your aquariums and terrariums which is divided into eight groups! The newest technology and top quality materials used by Aquadecor provide the outstanding quality of the backgrounds on the market. These backgrounds are long-lasting, look completely natural and do not require maintenance.

Delivery and price

Aquadecor provides cash on delivery to all parts of the world. The price of your future background is created by yourself and your request. Whether a background is small, large, thick or thin, including only one or several kinds of rocks etc. are the elements that affect the price. Don't hesitate any more! Contact us and tell us your wishes and you will be satisfied with our offer! Make your fish happy by realistic surroundings they originate from! Decorate your home with a unique detail which you, your family and friends will enjoy.

The total list of models that we currently produce divided into groups:

A models - Classic rocks:

B models - laminated rocks:

C models - rounded and volcanic rocks:

D models - porous rocks:

E models - combined rocks and angled models

F models - for wall mounted aquariums dividing two rooms

G models - rock and root

E models - decorative stones and segments


If you are still not sure what it will finally look like, visit the page aquariums where you can find the photos and video clips of aquariums decorated with our backgrounds.

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