Classic rocks - A models

Classic rocks have become an absolute customers’ favorite over the past few years. A large variety of designs and colors, as well as their natural look is what makes them ideal for Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids, but for any other species as well. We recommend A models for smaller, medium sized and large aquariums. These backgrounds come in several pieces for a simple an easy setup, and need to be glued to the glass using special silicone for aquariums. They can be accompanied by bottom and overhanging rocks in the same design and color. Each background can be made in any color you see on our website. If you want to find out how equipment can be hidden behind a background, please visit this page about setting up.

Aquarium background a1
Model A1

Aquarium background a2
Model A2

Background for aquarium a3
Model A3

Background for aquarium a4
Model A4

Background for aquarium a5
Model A5

Background for aquariums a6
Model A6

3D aquarium background a7
Model A7

3D aquarium background a8
Model A8

3d background for aquarium a9
Model A9

3d backgrounds for aquariums a10
Model A10

3D aquarium background for a11
Model A11

3d backgrounds for aquariums a12
Model A12

Aquarium 3d background a13
Model A13

Aquarium 3d background a14
Model A14

Background 3d aquarium a15
Model A15

3d backgrounds for aquariums a16
Model A16

3d background for aquarium a17
Model A17

3d backgrounds for aquariums A18
Model A18

Unique aquarium background a19
Model A19

Unique aquarium background a20
Model A20

Unique background for aquarium a21
Model A21

Unique background for aquariums a22
Model A22

Unique background for aquariums a23
Model A23

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